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Improve efficiency by incorporating technology into your everyday operations.

Operational Tools and Apps

Most business owners would embrace any tool which helps them accomplish more with less or streamline administrative functions. Just knowing which types of efficiency tools and applications are available to small business owners can be half the battle. Analytix Solutions can provide you with access to tools and applications that offer the same level of sophisticated data for critical decision making, previously reserved for larger companies. And we can do it at a significant cost savings due to our data automation and management expertise.

Not only can we help you identify which applications your business can leverage to accomplish more, we can also teach you how to use those tools and applications if needed. We can work with you to integrate them into a Business Management portal, consolidate the reporting data, and provide you with access to all this information right at your fingertips.


  • Reduced costs- data collection is automated through apps
  • Consolidated access to data
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved productivity

What types of tools and applications can help your business?

Electronic Document Management System

Easily sort, locate and retrieve documents by converting from paper documents to our Electronic Document Management System. Transform the way your business shares and accesses information. An e-document management system allows for simultaneous access to documents 24/7 throughout an organization, while also providing centralized electronic storage and backup for critical documents to assist with business continuity planning. This extends to vendor contracts, legal documents, accounts receivables, accounts payables and associated backup documents and receipts. Eliminate the need for file cabinets, file rooms and paper file storage, thereby reducing costs.

3rd Party

Custom Developed

Proprietary tools and applications include-

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