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Technologies to Try in the New Year: Programs for Automating and Simplifying Operations

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | January 2, 2015

For small businesses and enterprises alike, automation has proven to be a boon. Automation allows for smoother and more streamlined operations overall, while helping businesses stick to their budgets.

As businesses move ahead, the acceptance of new technologies and software for automating more and diverse operations within the same business grows. What types of technologies should be evaluated in the coming year to streamline operations and improve profitability? Following is a suggested list of a few promising ones:

Finance: How efficient is your debt management? Do you recover all dues on time and track every payment? Effective management of finances remains the profitability backbone for most businesses. Successful financial management of a company depends upon accurate bookkeeping and accounting.  For most small businesses, automation software provides not just streamlined and accurate solutions, but also enhanced security. Intacct has several accounting features, including management of general ledger, accounts receivable, and cash management.

CRM system: CRM systems have evolved into a necessity, regardless of business size, as the concept of Customer Relationship Management is increasingly more critical, even to small businesses. An effective CRM system should provide better and faster customer data processing so that the customer’s sales history is not completely reliant on knowledge that resides solely with the individual sales person. This allows for more accurate documentation, as well as better customer engagement. Salesforce is a CRM solution that also offers sales collaboration and sales performance management, along with lead management for more conversions, email integration, file sync, etc.

Marketing automation system: With marketing efforts also moving toward cloud technologies, chasing inbound and outbound initiatives can leave businesses short of time to actually engage with customers. Automating your marketing processes can help increase your business productivity markedly through emails, trigger emails, lead nurturing, and lead scoring. Systems like Act-On provide marketing services combined with a user interface that is simple to deploy and use.

Contract management system: How familiar are you with your contracts? Are you aware of details such as the contract cycle? If you are too busy to closely monitor duration dates, you may inadvertently increase the contract cycles. Contract management systems can prevent all of these hassles. An efficient contract management system not only streamlines and controls the process of creating contracts, it also helps business owners manage contracts at all stages, while ensuring better compliance, as well as amendments and renewals as needed.

Analytix Solutions offers a contract management system which can be customized to your business. Our solutions include higher contract lifecycle clarity, reduction in risks and better enforcement of compliance, thus increasing overall productivity.

For more information or assistance on integrating automation into your business processes, call the Analytix Team at 781.503.9002 or send an email to

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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