A New Site is Banking on Good News

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January 2, 2015 0 Comments
New Site Banking on Good News

Occasionally, we have guests submit articles to our blog which our readers may find relevant. HeartBeings.com staff shared the following:

Every so often, we like to share the success stories of clients whom the Analytix team has helped, especially those small to mid-sized companies who have recently launched their business.  As we head into a new year, we thought it appropriate to share the story behind HeartBeings.com, a venture founded on inspiring people and promoting good news.

If you turn on your evening news, scan the morning paper or spend a little time online, you will certainly get a full dose of what is going wrong in the world. There are stories about war and bankruptcies, floods and missing people.

What if you could find content that inspired and focused on the good not just the bad?

That’s what HeartBeings.com is all about.

“It’s a new media website and community with original interviews, articles and positive messages to help each of us create the life our heart desires,” said Valerie Mosley, a veteran money manager who launched the site in November 2014.

Mosley was inspired by her grandmother who years ago was her rock and always provided a word of encouragement.  “You’re very blessed,” she would say before challenging her granddaughter to “share what you know.”

HeartBeings.com is shining the spotlight on people who are making a difference. Peter Buffett sat down with Mosley for a conversation about his family and giving.  The philanthropist, musician, author and son of famed investor, Warren Buffett said, “We joke about the fact that he gave us a billion dollars, but it’s not ours. It is actually a huge responsibility to give away, which ultimately is more fulfilling.”  Buffett spoke openly about his mom who was a quiet strength and empowering force behind the family name.

There are also insightful interviews with actress/singer Vanessa Williams, RJ Dourney, President and CEO of restaurant chain Cosi​, and Peggy Dulany, a philanthropist and member of the Rockefeller family.

In addition, HeartBeings features interesting stories from around the web, new artists, podcasts and a web shop.

“We hope that visitors to our site will be educated, entertained and empowered,” said Mosley.

Everyone is familiar with human beings now get to know heart beings.

For more information, visit www.HeartBeings.com

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