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Equip your small business with our team of experts in accounting and bookkeeping. Our expertise and experience help businesses boost their business profitability with our accounting and small business bookkeeping solutions. We offer the efficiency of an in-house department without the costs or hiring complexities.

Guiding Your Small Business Accounting Journey with Proven Processes

Partnering with Analytix empowers your business with comprehensive support in small business accounting and bookkeeping. Our team of trained professionals provides deeper insights into your business finances and processes. With us, you gain access to critical but time-consuming tasks, ensuring that your small business bookkeeping never feels burdensome.

Moreover, our fully equipped accounting department brings peace of mind, handling everything from specific CFO functions to comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services. Backed by robust technology, we deliver accurate and timely financial reports essential for small business success.

Our Services

At Analytix Accounting, we provide a one-stop solution for all your small business accounting needs. Our services are tailored especially for your business objectives. Here is a breakdown of all the services we offer:

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Small Business

How It Works

How It Works - Small Business Accounting
  • Discovery

    A dedicated relationship manager evaluates your business’ current software, tools, and workflows and identifies your challenges and needs.

  • Onboarding

    Based on what we learned during the discovery stage, the scope of work is clearly defined, and a dedicated transition team is assigned to start the onboarding process.

  • Maintenance

    Our experts deliver essential financial reports and documents weekly, monthly, or quarterly, based on the amount of financial expertise your business requires. Use our team only during your busy months or for daily needs so that you can focus on scaling your business.

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Complete All-in-One Financial Dashboard

Our secure, user-friendly web portal provides 24×7 access to your data in a single centralized location. The robust reporting capabilities allow you to
find information speedily and securely.

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    Robust reporting capabilities with customized operational reports

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    Superior electronic document management system that integrates with your processes to provide streamlined document tracking and management capabilities

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    Reports are customized, this eliminates the need for lengthy reviews and error-correction processes

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    Complete transparency, so you can review your critical metrics thoroughly

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    Guaranteed data security through ISO compliance and privately hosted data centers

Complete Financial Dashboard - Small Business Bookkeeping

Applications We Work With

Why Analytix?

  • Cost Savings

    Effective, smart, reliable services that are scalable and help you save on costs.

  • Domain Expertise

    Unmatched domain expertise, through years of hands-on experience working with clients from diverse industries.

  • Technology Expertise

    Current, robust, and completely reliable technological capabilities designed to drive efficiencies.

  • Scalability of Services

    Pay only for the services you utilize. Boost business profitability while adhering to a budget.

  • Resourcefulness

    We go beyond solution delivery; we are committed to assistance and addressing any concerns our clients may have.

  • Skillsets

    Instant Access to high level positioned talented professionals who help you gain competence and expertise.

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