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Explore your business’s finances and trends at a deeper level by leveraging business intelligence data analytics. Improve your understanding of financial data and make more informed decisions to grow your business. Book My Conversation

Business Intelligence Analytics Services

Leverage business intelligence analytics to empower your approach as your business grows, thereby embracing sophistication and forward-thinking. Avoid financial setbacks and boost profits by making data-backed decisions that consider historical and future projections.

Stay prepared and informed with business analytics services that provide essential data and business intelligence reports. Count on experts to identify the right products or services and develop transformative business strategies for improved success.

Business Analytics Solutions - Go Further

Tap into the power of detailed financial data analytics combined with business intelligence analytics. Guide action for optimized business operations and performance.

Business Analytics Solutions
  • Trend Analysis
  • Operational Reporting
  • KPIs/KRAs Dashboard
  • Custom Reporting
  • Weekly or Daily Data
  • Variety of Data, Including Operational, Financial, and Marketing Data


  • Leverage reliable business intelligence reporting, including insights into the current financial position of the business.
  • Understand actual versus planned business performance
  • Maximize growth and revenue thanks to more informed decision-making
  • Focus on and design plans that help your business attain profitability objectives
  • Harness data analytics services to mitigate business risks and drive decision-making
  • Focus time on executing strategic goals instead of struggling to create them
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Our Offerings

KPI Analysis

Monitor the performance of your business and take immediate action against problem areas with weekly/monthly KPI (key performance indicator) reports.

Management Reports

Review consolidated reports on a periodic basis that disclose key metrics and financial data so that you can make timely, informed decisions with immediate impact on your operations.

Trend Analysis

Gain insight on the future trajectory of your business through trends defined by historical data.

Variance Analysis

Understand how spending data compares to budget data with ‘underachieved’ versus ‘overachieved’ reporting.

Predictive Analysis

Benefit from more informed future planning with monthly projection budgets for income, expenses, weekly cash flow, and cash flow for the upcoming year.

“What If” Scenarios

Evaluate changes to your business before they occur with different scenarios to show varying, prospective financial/operational conditions.

Why Choose us

Trusted Expertise
We are dedicated experts in business analytics who possess specialized knowledge to handle diverse data challenges effectively.
Resource Efficiency
Free up your internal resources so they have more time to focus on core business functions. Our experts handle your business analytics needs efficiently.
Current Technology
Access robust and new technologies in business analytics without investing in expensive software infrastructure
Security and Compliance
Our strong security measures ensure the confidentiality of all data, per industry regulations and standards.
Scalability and Growth
Scale your changing requirements alongside your business’s growth thanks to our scalable business analytics services.
Drive efficiencies
Build a competitive edge to drive efficiencies in operations and boost business growth with the help of our expert data analytics services.
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Diverse Service Portfolio

Check out our diverse service portfolio, which includes the following offerings, apart from business analytics solutions, financial data analysis, and predictive analytics services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to optimize business analytics services for an organization?

    Business intelligence analytics helps you:

    • Identify growth opportunities and market trends
    • Better understanding and thus improve customer targeting and segmentation efforts
    • Mitigate risks through accurate and predictive modeling and forecasting
    • Empower business decision-making thanks to data-driven insights
    • Drive operational efficiency and reduce costs
    • Evaluate and measure marketing campaigns and other promotional efforts
    • Gain a competitive edge
  • How does Analytix ensure the security and confidentiality of client business data?

    At Analytix, we take data security and confidentiality very seriously. With more than a decade of experience in financial data analytics and business analytics services, we bring comprehensive security to all our work. Aside from professional and industry certifications, every member of our team is compliant with industry regulations and adheres to robust security measures to protect your data.

    Our dedicated IT department implements other key security measures, which include encryption techniques, stringent and monitored access controls, and secure data transmission protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

  • What are the industries Analytix specialize in?

    At Analytix, we have provided data analytics services and other business solutions for over a decade to companies across a wide range of industries, including finance, retail, eCommerce, healthcare, telecommunication, manufacturing, and more! Our teams possess diverse expertise that allows us to customize solutions to your unique business requirements.

  • Does Analytix provide support once a project is completed?

    Of course! Analytix provide ongoing support and assistance across business analytics services to our clients. Once a project is completed, we assist with strategy recommendations, implementation of recommended strategies, consistent performance monitoring, and modifications where needed.

    We also offer maintenance and support services to ensure the long-term success of your analytics initiatives.

  • Does Analytix offer predictive analytics and forecasting?

    Yes, Analytix offers expertise in predictive analytics and forecasting. We leverage our advanced algorithms and statistical models to uncover hidden patterns in your data and define accurate estimates or predictions about future trends, customer behavior, demand forecasting, and more.

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