Small and Mid-Size Businesses Deserve Modern Accounting and Bookkeeping Processes, Too.

Analytix uses proprietary technology and systems designed to expedite project delivery times and ensure accuracy across all our accounting and bookkeeping services, including traditional accounting and bookkeeping functions and online and cloud-based practices.

Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Service Offerings

How much more profitable could your small business be if you had the time to focus on the actual business instead of handling a range of administrative tasks? Analytix Solutions offers you options for better management of your accounting and bookkeeping functions. Leverage the advanced technical expertise of our team members to help you realize increased profitability through efficiency gains and robust accounting and bookkeeping solutions which allow you to minimize the time you spend on these functions. Timely, cost effective, scalable solutions, customized for small business bookkeeping, from Analytix translate to business growth for your company.

Why Work with us

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Integrity and Quality of Service

Our teams of experienced accountants and bookkeepers are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to every client, on every assignment, including customized bookkeeping for small businesses. We are proud that 80% of our business comes from client referrals including CPAs, and over 95% of our clients renew their services annually with us.

Latest Accounting Technology & Proprietary Tools

Latest Technology & Proprietary Tools

We deploy proven systems and technology tools for managing our clients’ accounting and bookkeeping engagements. With automated processes and a cloud-based accounting portal, delivery times are expedited, our response time to client inquiries is faster, and data accuracy is ensured throughout every step of the process. This proves especially useful for small businesses, whose bookkeeping infrastructure may not be able to keep up with client deliverables and requirements.

Integrate existing accounting software system

We Can Recommend New Systems or Work with Your Pre-existing Accounting Software

Analytix works with clients to identify, implement or upgrade accounting information systems based on their unique needs. We can also integrate existing accounting software into our systems, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains, Intacct and many other applications.

If you’re a small business owner with some bookkeeping software already in place, our experts can work with you to help integrate it seamlessly.

Streamline Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Workflows

We Improve and Streamline Your Workflows

Our accounting and bookkeeping processes can reduce our clients’ monthly workload by 20%-30%, depending on the project. We replace dated, manual, and untimely bill collection and submission functions with proven, automated systems that align with the unique needs of our clients.

Service Offerings

Bookkeeping Services

Why Outsource

Save Time and Money

The top three reasons businesses outsource are cost savings, absence of local professionals with required talent, and ability to leverage an efficient, established technological infrastructure. Studies indicate that a company can save approximately 40% on operational costs by outsourcing. Outsourcing also provides businesses with access to the same secure, technological platforms used by larger companies without needing to invest heavily themselves or worry about the associated information security requirements.

Pay For What You Need

Companies have the ability to adjust the level of support or services required, based on their financial resources. Whether you require full-time expertise in a specific area or require our services for only a few hours monthly on a project basis, Analytix allows you to adjust the level of support your business needs when you need it, including support for online accounting solutions and cloud based accounting solutions.

Scale Quickly

End-to-end outsourcing companies offer a range of services and instant access to individuals with the talent and skill-sets that can be leveraged at any time to support the changing accounting and bookkeeping needs of growing companies.

Ensure Business Continuity

Most small businesses lack the time and resources to develop business continuity plans. Working with a reliable outsourcing company mitigates the risks associated with losing internal staff, as the function and associated business knowledge are not reliant on a single employee.

Optimize Your Accounting System

Your accounting system functions as the financial backbone of your business. Make sure you are maximizing its potential. We offer a complimentary analysis of your system so that you can assess how hard it’s working for you.

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Data Security through ISO Compliance

Analytix is ISO 27001 compliant which means we are certified in following the proven, secure processes
for managing sensitive financial data on behalf of our clients.

Accounting Portal

What Is It?

A secure, user-friendly web portal provides 24/7 remote access to your accounting and financial data in one, centralized location.

  • Accounting System Access

    Get immediate access to your company’s QuickBooks or other accounting system files

  • Quick Document Submission

    Easily submit documents to us through an easy upload tool

  • Report Creation

    Monthly, quarterly, P&L and other critical reports are generated and available to view, anytime

  • E-document management

    Your financial data and invoices are converted to electronic format and organized for you in a Document Library

  • Manage other important applications

    Access your relevant web apps, like bank accounts

accounting and bookkeeping portal

How It Helps

  • Dramatically improves the organization of your accounting functions

  • Provides tracking capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to achieve through standard, manual processes

  • Expedites delivery times and ensures accuracy

  • Secure and protect your critical data through our ISO compliance & private hosted data center

How Accounting & Bookkeeping Portal Helps

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