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At the core of a CPA firm’s success is the ability to compile and analyze accurate financial data and records for their clients. The challenge becomes a balancing act between ensuring organized “clean books” for clients and delivering strategic analysis and counsel on those numbers. The former often consume most of the CPA’s time.

Through our CPA Partner Program, our team of experienced accounting professionals helps to address these issues for CPA firms and operates as an extension of their firm.

Our combined accounting and technology expertise helps streamline aspects of a CPA firm’s processes, as evidenced by the solutions we provide, including our customized web portal. We also recognize that data security is a priority for CPAs. Analytix is HIPAA compliant and maintains an ISO 27001 certification.

Some of the services we assist CPA firms with include:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual write-up services; data entry, account reconciliations, and general ledger review for accuracy.
  • Catch-up and cleanup services: write-up, review and correction of books and records.
  • Accounting software conversions: conversions from Quickbooks Desktop or other accounting software to QBO or Xero.
  • Tax return preparation: preparation of 1120, 1120S, 1065 and related 1040s.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): full service outsourcing of accounting and finance functions.
  • Industry Solutions – Analytix’s Insight 360 dashboard is available for BPO clients in niche industries.

Benefits to Working with Analytix for CPA Firms


Skilled, trained accounting professionals are available when you need them to complete tasks such as bookkeeping, accounting, CFO-level functions, tax preparation, and accounting systems integrations.


Draw upon expertise when required to address increased workloads during peak periods, such as tax season.


Services are delivered as part of an industry specialized team so that the full-time equivalent operationally reflects the correct mix of the services required – i.e. 10% CFO, 20% Accounting Systems Integration, 70% Bookkeeping.

Data Integrity

Confidence in timeliness and accuracy of data due to automated, integrated processes as opposed to repetitive manual entries.

Cost Effective Business Model

Lower level tasks such as bookkeeping are executed at a lower cost, minimizing a CPA’s time spent performing these types of tasks and allowing them to focus on higher revenue generating activities.

Service Offering Expansion

Option to offer additional services and products with minimal investment by leveraging Analytix’s services and technology, such as Data Management or Managed IT.

Increased Margins

Opportunity to increase profitability by private labeling Analytix’s Insight360 industry specific solutions and portals that help with both service expansion and process efficiency.

Cloud Access

Ability to migrate the CPA firm’s practice infrastructure to the cloud without the firm having to invest in resources due to Analytix’s combined expertise in accounting and technology.

Electronic Document Management

Assist small to mid-sized firms in going paperless by offering electronic document management systems, resulting in reduced storage costs and increased efficiency by being able to easily source and file documents.

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Analytix CPA Partnership Models

Our accounting solutions and financial record preparation can be presented to a firm’s clients as a referral, semi-private label, or private label, packaged under the CPA firm’s name, depending on your firm’s preference.


CPA firms refer Analytix to their clients directly to manage tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting services. This streamlines the firm’s involvement and ensures that the client’s financial records, which the CPA firm reviews, will be accurate and current.


The CPA firm remains the primary client liaison and manages the client relationship. However, the client is fully aware of Analytix’s role as a partner in completing whatever functions the CPA designates as theirs.

Private Label

The CPA firm leverages Analytix’s services and solutions as needed to meet client needs, but the relationship is managed completely by the firm with little to no interaction between Analytix and the client. Analytix functions as a back office of the CPA firm, and any work or reporting is performed and labeled as the firm’s work.

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