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Solutions for Start-Ups

Start-ups face a unique set of challenges. To compound those challenges, a start-up in its early stages has different requirements than a more established one. Wherever your business falls on this spectrum, Analytix can help you identify and implement the necessary steps for establishing a solid, financial infrastructure.

Our team of professionals includes successful entrepreneurs with first-hand experience managing the numerous challenges that many start-ups face. Through our affiliation with organizations such as Mass Challenge and Tech Stars, we have worked with numerous start ups on various aspects of their business. We offer financial and IT services that can be customized to address the specific needs of your start-up. Our CFO, accounting systems integration, and accounting and bookkeeping services, are flexible so that you can leverage that expertise when required and scale back when that need has been met.

How Analytix Can Help Your Start-Up?

Accounting Work or Systems Set-Up

Analytix can operate as an in-house, fully functioning finance department or provide specific bookkeeping or accounting functions to supplement your existing resources. We also advise on and assist with accounting system integration and workflow set up.

Custom Reporting & Analysis

The accounting system is the financial backbone of your business. Once the system is setup, it should capture critical data that can provide insight into your start-up’s financial and operational performance. We can work with you to develop and analyze customized reports which you can evaluate to monitor your start-up’s progress and growth. Our team can also assist with advanced forecasting and budgeting using the data and analysis derived from these reports.

Financial Modeling

Our expert teams are knowledgeable about the latest, most sophisticated formats for building accurate financial models using the correct formulas. The models enable you to consider possible outcomes based on ongoing and required adjustments to your business financials and/or scenarios.

Web Design & Software Development

We can design custom software and applications that align with the unique user environments, technologies and business demands of your start-up. Analytix also offers web design experts that will work with you to combine your brand with a cutting-edge design and user experience interface, either for a simple, one page website or a larger, more complex site.

Integration of Tools and Data Sources

Start-ups are often faced with the challenges of managing data across multiple, disconnected systems. The time required to manually compile and organize financial and operational information can force busy business owners to put these tasks on the back burner. Analytix can connect your systems and tools to one platform, providing you full, on-demand visibility into the most important aspects of your business in a fraction of the time.

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Why Choose Analytix


We understand the budget constraints of running a small business, and that’s we offer a reduced rate on all of our services for start-up companies. We believe in providing affordable access to experts without compromising quality.

Our Technological Infrastructure

Our technology platform enables us to deploy the latest processes across the services we offer, ensuring faster delivery times and data accuracy. By connecting your data sources into our interactive web portal, start-ups can benefit from easy, improved reporting and analysis capabilities for their business without having to invest in the technology behind it.

Scalability & Flexibility

Whether your start-up requires support for a one-time project or has recurring needs, all of our services are scalable and customizable. Our services can range from the smallest, most detailed accounting or financial tasks to larger data intensive ones, in addition to IT and web design projects.

Cross-Functional Business Experience

Our teams are comprised of accountants, controllers, CPAs and IT experts who have collaborated with start-ups and small to medium size businesses for years. This cross functional expertise has been applied across a vast range of industries, enabling us to tailor our services to your internal needs and unique industry environment.

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