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The Significance of Streamlined Accounting Services for Small Businesses

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | March 23, 2018

Small business accounting activities differ from those practiced at larger organizations only by a small margin. Small businesses require the same level of due diligence for accounting and bookkeeping practices that are applied in larger, more established businesses. Furthermore, reliable bookkeeping is fundamental to good financial practices.

Recording transactions on a daily basis, ensuring accounts are balanced, and reconciling card accounts are imperative. If these tasks are not completed, a business risks losing money – earnings as well as cash reserves.

First, let’s review the essential accounting and bookkeeping activities that a small business must conduct, apart from those mentioned above. Challenges faced in executing these are also discussed.

  • Ensuring bills are submitted to clients on time: Small businesses must have an efficient invoicing system to ensure timely accounts receivables. Efficient invoicing includes generating bills on time and sending reminders to ensure collection of overdue

Challenge: For most small businesses, ensuring bills are sent out on time is a challenge by itself. When transaction volumes are high, tracking and generating bills on time becomes even more difficult. Generating invoices on time and sending out reminders can help aid in the battle for timely payments.

  • Dependable reporting, including for cash flow: Cash flow provides a picture of the actual cash available to the business. Without a realistic idea of available money, the business can lose out on lucrative deals or end up over-committing without the ability to pay.

Challenge: Reporting is not just about correct data. It is also about the timeliness of receiving information so that critical decisions can be made on time. Small businesses may not have an efficient reporting system in place. Even if there is one, it may suffer from lapses due to non-recording of data.

  • Reliable categorizing and data management: Bookkeeping is also about reliable data management. Without proper categorization, the wrong data may get assigned to the wrong category, resulting in a mix-up of payments or loss in revenue.

Challenge: When categorizing is incorrect, clients may get assigned to the wrong categories. Correcting mix-ups can be difficult or sometimes outright impossible, resulting in lapsed payments.

Hire Professionals Instead

Accounting and bookkeeping are critical functions. A startup might manage in the beginning.  However, as the business grows and income and expense transactions increase, it can get difficult to keep pace with the finances. Ideally, hiring professionals can reduce the hassles associated with these tasks. Outsourcing these functions can be an invaluable investment when finances are a big consideration. Outsourcing provides small businesses with reliable access to expertise and quality control over the integrity of the financial data.

At Analytix Solutions, we have been helping businesses, including startups, streamline their accounting. Our breadth and depth of experience helps us to better understand clients’ unique accounting requirements. We formulate customized solutions and incorporate industry best-practices. This allows business owners to address their challenges in a systematic manner, helping to streamline operations.  For more information on our services or to find out more on our complementary assessment of your accounting procedures, visit us at

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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