4 Financial Basics You Should Know Before You Outsource Bookkeeping for Your Restaurant

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September 10, 2010 1 Comments

All restaurant businesses operate on a very tight profit margin. It is hence of vital importance that you, as a restaurant owner run a tight ship. You need to know the basics of accounting and bookkeeping for your restaurant before you outsource bookkeeping to a professional. Such a basic idea on your part will not only prepare you for working alongside the firm you outsource bookkeeping to, it will also ensure that you are aware of the financial position of your restaurant. The following are some financial basics to keep in mind for your restaurant when you are outsource accounting or bookkeeping.

Management of your restaurant’s cash flow

When you manage your cash flow, you are essentially tracking the cash which goes out as well as comes into your restaurant. When you outsource bookkeeping, this function is basically taken care of by the bookkeeping firm. However, it would help both you and your bookkeeping firm if you know the basics of how to manage your cash flow. Through it, you will also know the business patterns of where your money is coming in and going out from. So whether you have decided to outsource bookkeeping or outsource accounting, knowing how to manage your cash flow will help.

Keeping the restaurant inventory

A restaurant generally has a lot of stock and supplies coming in regularly, which keeps it running. When you outsource bookkeeping, your bookkeeping firm needs to carefully review your restaurant inventory so that you can avoid losing money on inventory. Taking a regular look at the restaurant inventory like supplies, products and food ingredients should be part of your day to day activities. This will help in managing your restaurant’s bookkeeping efficiently. The decision to outsource bookkeeping will come handy in eliminating the losses related to inventory. You can also learn a lot while interacting with the professionals when you outsource accounting.

Keeping records of your restaurant

When you outsource bookkeeping, your record keeping remains updated at all times. You will hence be able to see the profitability and overall financial position of your restaurant at all times. An expert firm generally processes invoices and receipts within 24 hours of receiving them. Interact with your bookkeeping firm and know the basics about keeping records. This way, you will be able to keep track of your finances well.

P&L Statement

A profit and loss statement holds a lot of importance for your restaurant. As the statement gives a summary of the inventory, income and expenses, you will be able to see the month-by-month progress of your restaurant. When you outsource bookkeeping, the expert firm you hire will provide you with a monthly or weekly P&L statement, which will help you in taking strategic decisions and maintaining the profitability of your restaurant.


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