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Accounting Automation and Why Infrastructure Matters

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | September 15, 2021

Accounting software automation can help ensure well-managed bookkeeping and accounting, However, strong infrastructure support is necessary for accounting software to work as intended. Daily tasks such as cash flow management can be negatively impacted if the automation suffers as a result of outdated IT hardware and lack of infrastructure.

The infrastructure is the foundation for effective software automation. Without a properly maintained infrastructure to operate on, even the best automations software and processes can run awry.

A strong and reliable infrastructure is critical for the following reasons:

#1. A foundation for effective accounting automation

A reliable infrastructure and hardware help ensure automation plans go along as envisioned. For example, software, no matter how proven and robust, can have processor requirements so well-maintained hardware directly impacts whether the software runs as planned.

#2. Keeping accounting data secure

Accounting and bookkeeping is critical to running a financially sound business. Bookkeeping can include everyday tasks such as reconciling bank data, recording transactions, and balancing ledgers. Making sure the correct security measures, patches and enhancements are in place impact that stability.

#3. Ensuring data accessibility

Being able to access stored data is vital to efficient bookkeeping and business operations. This is especially true in the case of audits and when there is a need to make instant or immediate business decisions driven by the financial health of the business.

#4. Supporting growth and scalability

When a small business begins to grow, the infrastructure support for the growth is very important. Without the right support, it is not possible for the business to meet increased demand, or continue to support existing business.

#5. Rallying in the time of crisis

Crises can test business sustainability and can cause existing businesses to suffer while leaving owners and operators with little support to even ensure the business survives. Poor infrastructure can contribute to crisis-time problems, leading to a breakdown in operations, at times completely.

Strong, dependable infrastructure is needed if the business is to survive and grow.

#6. Supporting scaling

Infrastructure must grow alongside software and automation solutions. It is of little use if the software required by the business is current, but the infrastructure it runs on isn’t. Certain automation solutions have basic requirements to enable them to run successfully, such as a particular version of hardware. The need for constant upgrades, security patches, and routine updating of hardware can prove expensive for fast-growing businesses, both in terms of actual money needed as well as the time and attention required.

Leveraging professional accounting services

One of the primary benefits of professional accounting services is robust infrastructure protected by trained technical support and software that allows timely system updates and upgrades. A recent article on Microsoft News says that research shows financial systems are the number one area where small business owners need help. They recommend bringing in expertise to ensure an efficient set-up from the start.

For a business looking to grow, expert professional help brings multiple benefits:

  • Reliable: The infrastructure hardware is set up and maintained by the provider. This leaves the business to use it hassle-free.
  • Current and updated: Businesses get access to current versions of hardware, without the need for capital investments.
  • Back-up and tech support covered: Technical support, when needed, and reliable back-up are critical to any hardware and software system. Getting professional help ensures this.
  • Access to industry trends and best practices: Professional outsourcing assistance, for example accounting services, can help businesses extend their service offerings as well as add value to deliverables.

Professional services can be accessed in the form of a CPA partnership that can help small to mid-sized businesses achieve short-term operational efficiencies to ensure long-term growth goals are met.

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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