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Benefits of Automating Your Tax Processes

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | February 8, 2018

As complexity in the tax environment grows, small businesses are facing a dual challenge:

  1. Ensuring their tax obligations are successfully fulfilled, and
  2. Optimizing exemptions available to them, eventually enhancing business earnings and savings

Tax processes automation can be very useful in managing business taxes, especially since automation takes care of accounting figures from the start, thus ensuring reliable numbers to begin with – a significant tax time requisite. Only when accounting and bookkeeping figures are reliable will the tax calculation be accurate.

What Is Tax Process Automation?

Automated tax processes are quickly replacing the older and more traditionally followed method of manual entering data into tax forms. Tax process automation is the use of software to automatically record data entered manually on tax forms and save it in a searchable format.

Businesses may differ in the software they use, as well as in the manner in which they use it. For example, some tax software will capture data from tax forms manually filled, while others start with accounting and bookkeeping processes.

Some tax software performs accounting tasks such as reconciliations of cards and accounts, automatically recording data from receipts, and also performing functions of data validation.


There are several benefits of moving to an automated system:

  • Accurate and timely record keeping
  • Faster processing of financial figures
  • Higher cost savings, as expenses are fewer when compared to manual labor expenses
  • Hassle-free and anxiety-free tax filing
  • Better alignment with tax structures, obligations, and exemptions
  • Higher savings overall for a small business; more money saved to reallocate towards investments

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Currently, most businesses on the growth curve still follow the old method: collect as many receipts and invoices available, provide them to the accountant at tax time, and then hope for the best.

In the new regulatory environment with legislation focusing on risk management, it is up to every business to hold itself accountable and ensure tax filing is correct. Automating the business’ tax processes is one way in which to ensure this. Automation begins at the very beginning: helping accounting and bookkeeping log every transaction and monies that are due to ensure watertight records. Depending on the kind of automation level and software used, accounting records also get updated and tax forms filled. When this happens at a baseline level, the transaction figures recorded are reliable and not dependent on memory. Furthermore, automating the tax process ensures that transactions are recorded without any loss in time or accuracy.

Experts, including outsourcing agencies, can help you gain the maximum out of your automated tax processes. Delegating this work to an outsourcing agency can prove to be doubly helpful because it takes the responsibility away from the business, thus removing the hassle and worry. The outsourcing agency offers the infrastructure and manpower to manage tax responsibilities, and is also equipped to troubleshoot situations if necessary.

At Analytix Solutions, we have been helping businesses, including startups, efficiently file their tax returns year after year. Our breadth and depth of experience helps us to better understand clients’ unique accounting requirements. We formulate customized solutions and incorporate industry best-practices. This allows business owners to address their challenges in a systematic manner, helping to streamline operations.  For more information on our services or to find out more on our complementary assessment of your accounting procedures, visit us at

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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