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Benefits of E-document Management System

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | October 29, 2014

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a means of storing and organizing different documents with the use of software. An EDMS may help organize both, paper and electronic documents, although digital storage is what it is most commonly used for. Paper documents can be scanned and stored as their digital versions. Electronic document management systems are better at managing large volumes of data in the form of digital versions of documents. The storage, management, and retrieval of these documents is more efficient and easier with an EDMS.

Streamlining information; making it available

Whatever the business size, the company must have access to well-organized information. An EDMS allows for more professional collection as well as dissemination of relevant information within the company. Without it, disseminating knowledge within the company could become difficult. In practical terms, this could mean loss of information in the sense that when employees leave the company, the information accumulated by them is lost and not retrievable at all. All of this can be prevented simply by ensuring good documentation and easy access and retrieval of information as needed.

The electronic edocument management system can prove to be highly effective at ensuring streamlined document storage and retrieval. How is this possible? An EDMS ensures this by:

  • Freeing up space that would otherwise be taken up by physical files and papers
  • Organizing files such that they are neatly stored and categorized appropriately
  • Ensuring a storehouse that is easy to access and not limited by physical boundaries or location
  • Better categorizing which leads to time saved in searches; data is at your fingertips whenever needed
  • Saving measurably on costs and space
  • Enhancing security through controlled access and other means, such as encryption and passwords

Electronic document management systems also allow historic data to be archived better and to help access it faster.

Analytix has helped scores of businesses manage their documents better through customized e-document management systems. Our work with small businesses and startups has ensured that we have developed best practices in place for diverse industries; this allows us to customize and create the best fit. To know more about what we do, just drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you.

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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