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Choosing Your CPA Firm’s Strategic Partnership

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | January 7, 2021

Looking to start your own CPA firm? Make it a priority to choose your strategic partnership.

For a startup CPA firm, the ability to meet client requirements effectively and on time is a prerequisite to business sustainability and success. As your clientele grows, so will your practice. This makes it difficult to manage your practice while ensuring a high level of customer support. Consistent and judicious business management is key to ensuring that your business thrives.

Good Finances: The Key to Better Business Management

While companies are learning to live with the COVID-19 pandemic and struggling to stay afloat financially, well-managed finances and diligent accounting and bookkeeping can help a business restart and more importantly, sustain itself. Statistics from the United States Census Bureau show that in the respondent pool they surveyed, an average of 31.4% business owners expect to take more than six months to return to their usual level of operations. Coupled with little to no staffing resources, keeping pace with critical bookkeeping tasks can prove to be a big challenge for startups and small businesses.

This is precisely where a trusted strategic partnership can prove to be immensely useful. Choosing a strategic partner can help startup and small-sized CPA firms in multiple ways:

  • Providing a fail-safe, reliable infrastructure to address client commitments.
  • Ensuring solutions that provide the freedom to focus on business growth.
  • Helping develop a competitive edge and better performance.
  • Ensuring sustainability and system develop so practices can thrive, including in times of crises and challenges.

Contribution of a Strategic Partnership to Your CPA Firm. Here are some ways in which a partnership proves beneficial to a CPA firm:

Providing crucial and timely support

Think of pending bank reconciliations, overdue ledger balancing, and bad debt accruals – all because the CPA firm is too busy to pay attention to its own accounting. Even though a CPA firm provides its clients with professional accounting and bookkeeping services, its own bookkeeping can go neglected. A strategic partner can work on the firm’s books, carrying out diligent bookkeeping, crucial exercises such as ‘catch up and clean up’ and more.

Operating as an extension of the firm

Whether it is crucial accounting and tax work for clients or for the firm itself, a partner works in the same way as an in-house resource would: as an extension of the firm, taking care of critical financial management including maintaining cash flow, AR and AP.

Adding value to the firm

Partnerships work to support you best in your times of need. The partner’s infrastructure and expertise allow the CPA firm to shoulder some of the responsibility for critical back-end work, while ensuring client operations continue unhindered. Strategic partnerships can be collaborative to suit your own business transactions with your clients. You can choose to engage in different profitable ways:

  • Choose to keep your clients and partnerships separate, while still harnessing your partner’s infrastructure in much the same way as you would your own, in-house resources.
  • Outsource some of your client’s work directly to your partner.
  • Introduce your client to your partner and merely step in to ensure they’re aligned in purpose.

Creating a reliable backup for the CPA firm

Given their proven infrastructure, your strategic partners can be the perfect back-up for your CPA firm, without worrying about loss of data or other security concerns. However, choosing the right partner is essential. The right partner understands details of the CPA firm’s business and identifies areas where it can help. Solutions are then crafted to resolve these areas, thus ensuring efficiency.

Streamlined Operations; Enhanced Efficacy

Strategic partnerships ensure that your business thrives. Choosing the right partner is the result of thorough research. The kind of partnership agreements and arrangements offered is also an influencing factor in the choice of a partner. At Analytix, we have been working closely with small businesses and startups, helping them achieve sustainability and success through collaboration. All of our solutions are customized to our clients’ needs and scalable – pay only for as much as you use.

Interested in learning more?  Email us at or call 781.503.9002 to find out how we can help you and your business.

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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