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Collecting Business Knowledge: The Role of E-Document Management

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | May 20, 2013

Knowledge collection and management is a significant part of maintaining business continuity.

Regardless of the size of the business, collection, organization and dissemination of accumulated knowledge and information are critical to both the operational aspects of a company as well as to customer retention efforts.

Without documented processes or a centralized repository for information, knowledge of internal procedures and circumstances, as well as client history, often hinges upon a single employee. If that employee leaves the business, vast amounts of knowledge leave with him or her. Although this can be an issue for large companies, it can be an even greater issue for small to mid-sized companies in which one employee may be responsible for several different functions.

E-document management systems can help address this problem, as they exist as an electronic file cabinet of historical data that can be accessed instantaneously, and often remotely, 24/7.

Additional benefits of collecting and organizing knowledge via an electronic document management system also include:

  • Searchable data via text within the documents
  • Easy retrieval of electronic files, as opposed to manually having to search and retrieve paper files
  • Cost savings due to reduction in paper, file cabinets, and archive locations
  • Security on files via password protection or encryption
  • Facilitates distribution of documents that outline processes as they can be easily disseminated via email or file sharing servers
  • Business contingency planning, as files are electronically backed-up and often offsite via cloud technology

If you are a small to mid-sized company, assess if an e-document management system is right for you in assisting with your business continuity plans.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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