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Developing A Strategic Plan For Your Business

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | April 16, 2013

A strategic business plan helps to guide your business in a systematic manner. It can also ensure that you remain focused on your goals and business objectives when obstacles arise which could derail them. Following are five suggestions to follow for putting a plan in place.

Write it all down
What is your vision for your business? Put it in writing, as that one step solidifies that commitment. This statement should include goals for your business, including values which guide it. Begin with a couple of sentences that define your vision, and refine the message until you create a single, succinct statement that encompasses it.

Clarify the business goals
Identify the core areas of your business, in addition to the products and services offered. Include details of how you plan to meet your client needs, including timely delivery and level of customer service.

Plan components
Your strategic plan should cover elements that are critical to business success in the industry selected. These components can include sections such as marketing plan and revenue generation projections. As your business develops, you can add sections that cover policies and procedures to help your business manage growth.

Bringing it all together
As your company grows, you will need to consider critical junctures in the business plan that help the company move to the next level. You will need to develop marketing strategies that account for advertising or human resource plans to support a greater number of employees. As a business grows, the need for IT infrastructure and professional support in that area will, as well.

Establish realistic timelines
Your business plan should ideally include a deadline or implementation date. Ideally, schedule a date for all tasks. For example, if you are developing a marketing plan or launching a website, set a deadline and ensure you work towards it. When you work towards a deadline, your employees also learn to respect timelines and work towards meeting them. This also fosters a culture of reliability and interdependency.

Developing a strategic plan for your company will help to keep your business goals on track and manage your company’s growth.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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