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How Automation Can Help Ensure Better Bookkeeping

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | April 11, 2019

Automation goes a step beyond conventional bookkeeping practices: the involvement of machine or software means that data management is easier and the likelihood of error, including human error, is reduced. Given the importance of attention and detail-orientation required in standard accounting and bookkeeping, even seasoned accountants and CPAs grow weary and fatigued. Add to this the demands of a growing business, and the risks of errors increase exponentially.

Bookkeeping and other financial operations involve not just mathematical abilities, but also the capacity to handle pressure. The onus of accurate business sustainability and accurate finances relies on bookkeeping practices within the business. All of these make bookkeeping an area that can benefit greatly from automation, when done correctly.

Maintaining All Records

Record-keeping is a major part of your bookkeeping services. This includes receipts and/or invoices logged for every financial transaction. In traditional bookkeeping, record keeping involves maintaining paper records and other similar back-up documents. Paper records are constantly threatened by displacement, loss, or destruction, yet they are often critical for small businesses and startups.

Ensuring Enhanced Reliability

A large part of bookkeeping has to do with data entry and management. Automation ensures that bookkeeping is free of errors associated with manual data entry and management. Software can be customized to include scanning of paper receipts, filling of forms, and carrying out simple as well as complicated data entries and management. This reduces the load on people and leaves them available for critical data interpretation and business insights work.

Improved Collaboration

With businesses steadily moving to cloud-based platforms and teams conducting transactions globally, automated bookkeeping enables better collaboration and single access point abilities to all involved in a project. Regardless of physical location, automated bookkeeping ensures authorized access to employees, clients, investors, external CFOs or CPAs, and other resources.  Furthermore, this collaborative environment is improved by the trust that such single-point collaboration enables: there is literally no hiding anything from anyone at all. Information is safe, secure, and shared strictly as required. It is notable that software enhances security by controlling access and authorizing a select few by means of password protection, biometric passkeys, etc.

Adding Value to Work

Automating bookkeeping allows businesses to connect better with modern technologies across the cloud. Apps and software today have dissolved physical boundaries, empowering teams to work effectively and stay connected across locations and time zones.

As businesses serviced by bookkeeping firms and CPAs go global and rely on cloud technology for communication and work execution, automated bookkeeping provides the options and the flexibility to stay connected to data and reports as needed.

Correctly Automating Is the Trick

Ideally, automation is never performed in isolation. When done optimally, successful automation brings several business functions together. For example, in a restaurant business, the invoicing, billing, balancing ledgers, etc. can all be brought together to ensure streamlined and synchronized accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash flow.

Even with the many advantages of automated bookkeeping, getting it right is crucial. Businesses need a service provider who understands their unique needs and formulates solutions that match those requirements.

Analytix Solutions offers customized solutions ranging from reliable accounting and bookkeeping to comprehensive operations planning for businesses across diverse industries. Align with us to more thoroughly understand your business accounting and to witness how optimized automation can help grow your business. For more information on how we can assist your business, call us at 781-503-9002 or email us at

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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