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How Cloud Technology Aids Your Business Continuity Plan

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | July 5, 2021

Business continuity can be maintained if your business manages to continue operations and continue to deliver on existing commitments with little or minimal disruption.

One of the ways to ensure uninterrupted business operation and business continuity is by leveraging technology, specifically cloud technology. If your business already has technology-dependent processes, you can ask yourself the following questions to ascertain how robust your business technology is and whether or not it can withstand an unpredicted, unprecedented crisis:

  • Is your bookkeeping and accounting information managed by an employee/team that also manages the software technology?
  • Do you have a backup process documented and in place, in case of absence of this employee/team?
  • How do you propose to ensure existing business does not derail while you take steps to fill in the gaps?

Cloud computing and the business continuity plan

Accounting and diligent bookkeeping are the backbone of a financially healthy business.

Cloud technology enables you to save your business data and information in the form of files and folders on the cloud, thus removing the dependence on a physical premise, storage computer or cabinet, or in control of an individual.

This feature makes cloud technology a solution to all business continuity plan concerns.

  • Enabling and empowering remote work

There are two factors critical to remote work effectiveness: good communication and access to necessary data.

Technologies such as video calling have brought together physical boundaries. Distance communication is better when there is a person in live communication. The other critical component is data or access to file storage.

Cloud technology enables secure and authorized access to business data, needed to carry out business-related functions. Security and safety of data can be ensured in multiple ways: encryption, authorizing access to only specific individuals, and firewalls, used to detect and deter hackers.

  • Improving connections

Ensuring business continuity involves a commitment to collaboration and connectivity with stakeholders, including internal (employees) and external (customers). Cloud technologies can help ensure information sharing, access to business-relevant data, as well as ensure that critical interpersonal communication takes place. Employee interaction among themselves is important; ensuring employees do not lose touch with their organization is equally important.

This connection fosters a sense of togetherness and belonging to the organization while continuing to operate as a single team focused on the deliverables.

The one element critical to leveraging cloud technology is a reliable internet connection. Once this is established, it is easy to deploy software to ensure seamless connectivity and help foster the team spirit even across physical boundaries.

Building in security

When deployed with the help of professionals, cloud technology can secure business information, including client details, better than an individual or a storage space could.

The methods employed in ensuring security of files and folders helps to maintain safety of files from prying eyes, unauthorized access, and unexpected events such as floods or physical destruction through events like earthquakes and floods.

More importantly, seemingly minor events such as power outages that could disrupt data and result in corrupt files can be circumvented when cloud technology is deployed with the help of professional expertise.

Leveraging professional assistance is important; particularly to ensure efforts are channeled and not wasted. Reviewing existing business resources to determine the next course of action is vital; an honest appraisal or business analysis can help determine the extent of cloud computing required, and the deployment that will prove most effective.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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