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How to Choose the Best Cost-Effective Accounting Software

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | August 16, 2021

Selecting the best accounting software subscription is like choosing a pizza from a menu of an overwhelming number of choices. There are many options available in the market for cost-effective accounting software. They all have different prices and features. The best thing to do is to compare the accounting applications and choose the one best for your organization. To start, it is helpful to understand how software can help with accounting. Here are the top five benefits offered by accounting software:

  1. Automation
  2. Accuracy, efficiency, and simplification
  3. Payroll and invoice management
  4. Tax filing and calculations
  5. Data analysis, financial reports, and insights

Accounting software helps an organization automate business processes and eliminate errors in bookkeeping. There are common benefits across almost every accounting software solution available.

So maybe you are wondering then why prices are so varied? Often the reason is a result of the software type, features, and support.

Review our guide to select your cost-effective accounting software:

1. Software type

There are two types of accounting software; cloud-based and desktop software.

Desktop Software

  • Annual or flat fee
  • Only available for the offline – or system – user

Cloud-Based Software

  • Month-to-month pricing
  • Online usage (anyone with internet can use the software)

2. Features

Finding cost-effective accounting software with premium features is a difficult task. Narrow down your need for available features before making a buying decision. Let’s look at the most desirable features in accounting software.

  • Report generation tools
  • Tax calculation methods
  • Advance invoice generation
  • Payment reminders
  • Account reconciliation
  • Integration options
  • Payroll management
  • Various payment methods
  • Multiple access levels and charges
  • Expense tracking tools

Choose the Best Cost Effective Accounting Software

3. Support and Maintenance

Not every accounting software subscription comes with support as part of the package. Some companies may charge you extra for it. Before selecting accounting software, investigate the available support options.

4. Services

Accounting software is designed to fit generic needs. You may need extra features for specific aspects of your business. Some companies may add features based on a request to simplify the work process. You will probably be charged extra for these features with other hidden charges like:

  • Set up and integration fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • Customer support fees
  • Annual upgrade fees
  • Additional user fees

If you are looking for more specialized accounting software, you may want to consider opting for custom accounting software development services. This is a one-time investment. You can add the features important to you based on your requirements to automate the accounting process. The software is customized and developed according to individual business needs and environment.

If you have an unusual taxation module, custom accounting software can meet your business needs with modification. The taxation module is just one example; every business has different reporting structures and invoice systems. To meet these unique requirements, custom accounting software is most likely your best option.

Consider the level of customization needed

Every business is unique. The best accounting software for your business is the one which works most effectively for you. It is the one which helps you save money and ensures you are utilizing resources wisely. Often the customization includes:

  • Advanced automation
  • Enhanced security
  • No contract and zero % data risk
  • No human errors
  • Seamless integration with other applications
  • Multiple access levels
  • Device usability

Custom accounting software helps organizations increase efficiency and productivity.  It is not only an operational solution, it is also a significant step in growing your business as it is an investment for the long term that addresses the financial tracking and reporting needs of your business.

An experienced outsourced accounting company can help you manage the entire process, including a range of accounting functions if required such as bookkeeping, transaction reports, accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, and forecasting.

Outsourced Accounting gives you the option to all the above steps to select the best accounting software. If you need a better solution for a lifetime, consider custom accounting software development. This software is unique and has all the important features to automate your business process.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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