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How to Stay Connected to Your Clients While Working Remotely

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | June 14, 2021

According to a report by Owl Labs, nearly 70% of full-time workers in the US are working from home during COVID-19. Working remotely is forcing individuals to find a balance between home and work-related chores, and they are facing difficulties in doing so. One in five reported working more hours per week during the pandemic. There are also unexpected benefits, such as people saving up to almost $500 per month on additional expenses.

If yours is a startup accounting firm or a small CPA business and you have been working remotely since the pandemic struck, you already have in place the systems set-up needed to ensure smooth remote operations. But the global battle with COVID-19 is still on, and businesses are constantly trying to look for ways in which to ensure survival and growth.

Here are some ways we have found reliable when working with clients remotely:

1. Use multiple communication channels

Clients need to be able to reach you in times of need. Setting up multiple channels of communication, in addition to the ones you already have, can help your clients connect with you conveniently. Activating multiple channels also helps in case connectivity goes down on any one. Your clients know they can reach you in any way possible and that help is always at hand.

You can provide customers with options like text messaging, video and audio calling over dedicated apps, and messaging apps, along with the more traditional email and chats.

Being connected is a great way to foster customer trust and reliability, especially when dealing with high volumes of critical data such as accounting and bookkeeping figures.

2. Reach out; stay consistent with messaging

Accounting and bookkeeping are areas that require diligent daily attention. Your clients are also fighting their own business survival battles and may not be able to keep up, or inform you that they may have missed out on something essential. In times of crisis, it always helps to reach out and check on customers. If you have decided to contact clients through email, chat messages, or voice messages, ensure consistent messaging across the channels.

Personalizing your message content is a great way to draw out clients who may be overwhelmed by the pandemic. Your message can be a reassuring attempt to contact which says you are available for your clients, whenever they need you.

3. Harness technologies

Cloud technology can help in multiple ways:

  • Help take on high volumes of detail-intensive tasks such as daily bookkeeping recording
  • Help track transactions, send reminders, and manage payments
  • Organize data, ensure easier access and referencing during tax time

These are but a few points. Cloud technology, deployed effectively, can help businesses streamline functions, eventually helping drive organized business operations. Outsourcing your cloud requirements to a professional can help you optimize resources. Professional assistance in the form of an outsourced partner helps you choose the relevant areas for automation, particularly if you are not yet ready to automate entire operations. Accounting and bookkeeping professionals can help you augment your existing resources while increasing accuracy and reliability in accounting and bookkeeping. This helps the financial management of your overall business operations and management. Choosing an outsourcing company that fits your unique business needs may take a bit of research, but it is worth the effort because it will save money as well as the time it takes to set-up and maintain systems in-house.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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