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Infrastructure Checklist for a Small Business

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | August 6, 2018

Small businesses require an infrastructure that is robust and dependable. Reliability is high on the list of necessities because the failure of a single component can cause the rest of the set-up to break down. This is even more critical for a startup or a small business which cannot afford a disruption, as it can negatively impact sustainability.

So how should a business evaluate possible infrastructure improvements before investing in them? Here are some questions that can also serve as an infrastructure checklist to help a startup or a small business:

Identify business needs

What is the industry in which the business will operate? What are the areas of work involved? These questions are important to outline the kind of operational infrastructure the business may require. If the business focuses on manufacturing, for example, the infrastructure will need to be configured to include areas with open workspace for assembling products and storing inventory, as well as a means of tracking and identifying product status.

If it is a startup, there is a likelihood that initially it will not have a large staff. However, startups can grow rapidly, so measures should be taken to plan for scalability in infrastructure even for areas such as workstation access, office space and furniture.

Focus on areas that require the most attention

What is more important to the business? Equipment such as computers and servers? Backup and security upgrades are vital to maintaining electronic files. Depending on areas identified, businesses may need infrastructure like electronic document management systems, records management system, etc.

Businesses should factor in cost as well as physical space for this type of backup, as it is important to business continuity.

Energy Requirements

The use of technology and software automation is critical to speed, reliability, and accuracy for financial operations and sustainability in most businesses. Computers and mobile devices are all vital to the business. However, all of these need dependable electricity connections to run uninterrupted. This is vital to certain businesses and the communication that involves day to day operations, for example accounting firms and CPA firms especially during tax season. Clients often wait until the last minute for submitting important paperwork, and these tight deadlines can only be met when online communication channels are reliable.

Why Businesses Must Bring in the Professionals

The individual needs of a business must be analyzed before implementing any infrastructure improvements, as these enhancements must align with the way the business operates.  Professional outsourcing firms that specialize in assisting with various aspects of infrastructure enhancements with their breadth of experience are best positioned to answer these questions and help businesses make the right choice within their budget and work deadlines.

Regardless of whether it is a startup or a small business, organizational infrastructure needs to be robust enough to address changes that are brought about by a growing business. One can do it by following this infrastructure checklist.

Analytix Solutions offers customized solutions for companies ranging from basic accounting and bookkeeping to more complex business requirements, including advice and insight on operational and infrastructural needs. For more information on how we can assist your business, call us at 781-503-9002 or email us at

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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