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Leveraging Portals for Strategic Partnerships

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | September 10, 2018

Strategic partnerships are an effective way for businesses to leverage existing resources to advance the business. However, the need for assistance is different for each business, varying both in terms of expertise as well as infrastructure. These levels may vary even for the same business experiencing a growth swing or a period of high growth, high sales turnover, or even high levels of profit. Investing in technology upgrades could be challenging for a startup or a small-sized business positioned for growth.

Portals can help close the gap between need-based uses effectively. However, portals need not stay confined to tracking sales and marketing content, deals, registrations, and other online transactions. When utilized optimally, portals can help a business derive competitive advantage and receive a boost in a cost-effective manner.

Increased Ease of Access

A portal facilitates the process of doing business making it much more organized and easier to check financial and operational metrics. Access to data, including transactional data, is faster and more reliable because it is technology driven and automated.

Real-time Access to Data and Information

Transparency with information and critical data is vital for a partnership to succeed. As more businesses transact over the internet or utilize the cloud, relying solely on manual access could prove to be limiting. A portal creates an easy-to-access interface where users can overcome limits posed by time zones and physical boundaries and reach for critical financial data and figures to enable real-time decision making.

Not Just a Portal; Also a Two-Way Interface

Dynamic portals may also allow users to upload files and other vital information using established features. This means users can view, share, and upload files and other relevant documents as per authorized and established security protocols, depending on how the application is configured. For startups, and even small businesses, a key factor to configuring portals is technical expertise. This is best handled by professionals who possess the requisite bandwidth in terms of skilled human resources and proven technical systems to carry it out for businesses in a cost-effective manner.

Portals between partners may also be leveraged as a two-way interface when a company that manufactures products or provides services needs to draw the attention of their partner towards new additions or changes and modifications to existing lines of products and services. Depending on the communication requirements, configurations can range from very simple to complex.

At Analytix Solutions, we have been working closely with small to mid-sized businesses as clients as well as partners, helping them optimize their existing resources and utilizing our own technology infrastructure to help them support increased workloads.

Analytix Solutions offers customized solutions for companies ranging from accounting and bookkeeping to more complex requirements, including customized automation and software development. For more information on how we can assist your business or practice with its accounting needs, call us at 781-503-9004 or email us at

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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