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Outsourcing Accounting: Is It Good or Bad for Your Small Business?

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | February 1, 2010

Outsourcing is a bit of a dilemma to many small businesses. Small business owners wonder whether outsourcing non-core functions can bring them enough benefits or whether it is too great a risk to take. A major issue for small businesses is to decide whether outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping, which takes up a major chunk of their time, is the right step for their business. In order to determine whether outsourcing accounting to a professional accounting firm is the best step for a small business, it is necessary to analyze the advantages and risks associated with it. If you are one of those small business owners facing the same dilemma, read on.

The advantages of outsourcing accounting for small businesses are many:

Focus on revenue-generating activities
The main advantage of outsourcing accounting for a small business is that it allows the small business owner to focus on the core business activities without worrying about the state of books of accounts. The major problem faced by many small business owners is the inability to dedicate enough time to revenue-generating activities. With an accounting firm taking care of all accounting and bookkeeping functions, the small business owner can rest assured that business finances are being taken care of, and can hence dedicate his/her full focus on business activities.

Leave the accounting functions to experts
Outsourcing accounting to a professional accounting firm ensures that experts are working on your accounting. This reduces the chances of errors in your books of accounts. This also means that your books will remain up to date at any given point of time, so that you get the true picture of your business profitability and can take business decisions accordingly.

Save costs
Outsourcing accounting to a professional is cheaper than hiring in-house resources. By outsourcing accounting, small businesses can save up to 40% of costs. This is a significant amount of saving for a small business. This amount can be re-invested into the business. With the many accounting firms in the market today, you can select a service provider who has experience in your industry.

Customized accounting services
Accounting firms provide customized accounting services, which meet specific small business requirements. You can ask for specific reports at regular intervals so that you get the correct picture of your business’ profitability. You can also omit those accounting services your business doesn’t require. Outsourcing accounting functions hence ensures that your business has the solution most suitable for it.

There are also certain disadvantages of outsourcing accounting that need to be taken into consideration:

Outsourcing accounting means that you have to send confidential accounting information to the accounting firm. If proper security measures are not taken by the accounting firm in question, confidentiality of the accounting information may be breached. Small business owners need to double check on what security measures are being taken to protect their confidential information to avoid a breach.

Inexperienced accounting service providers
Inexperienced accounting firms are a major issue for outsourcing accounting. Outsourcing accounting to an inexperienced service provider can damage the profitability of your business as well as take up extra time for correcting the mistakes that accounting firm makes. While outsourcing accounting, check the experience of the accounting firm and talk to past clients in order to get an idea about the skills of the firm.

The advantages of outsourcing accounting far out-number the possible disadvantages of the same. If small business owners select the accounting firm carefully, their business can prosper steadily even in a tough market.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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