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Partnering for Profitability: Tax Season Help for CPA Firms

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | March 15, 2018

CPA firms typically experience an influx of clients during tax season who all require the same expertise and timing on their tax filings. Year after year, firms juggle client work with trying to maintain their own business development efforts and ongoing operational requirements during this busy period. One solution for addressing this situation is to call on re-enforcements for some of these functions:

  • Hire part-time skilled resources to help the firm fulfill tax season tasks
  • Hire help with business development and other needs while the owners or existing in-house resources manage the tax filing

However, these solutions bring their own challenges. The CPA firm may not be able to find and hire the relevant level of expertise; and if they do manage to find reliable resources part-time, the hired resources would still need availability and access to infrastructure on which the work can be successfully carried out.

Consider Partnering

Partnering with a provider who can offer the expertise required by the CPA firm can prove to be immensely helpful. Partnerships augment existing resources while helping close gaps, if any, in terms of expensive infrastructure or expensive skilled resources.

Partnering can also resolve the dreaded resource crunch at tax time through judicious accounting throughout the year. One of the key requirements for a smooth and hassle-free tax season is stringent adherence to good accounting and bookkeeping practices, year round.  By partnering with a firm that can help streamline CPA clients’ bookkeeping, the CPA firm can complete tax filings more efficiently and more productively leaving time to focus on higher margin activities.

Here are some benefits of partnering with another firm to outsource some of tasks associated with preparing client files for tax filings.

  • Access to reliable infrastructure

Partnering with a firm that offers outsourcing capabilities can help CPA firms by offering them access to a proven and reliable infrastructure. A partner that offers outsourcing capabilities most likely also uses a proven back-up system, which is a huge benefit for a CPA firm, given their volume of clients and deliverables.

  • Access to skilled manpower

When partnering, choose a firm with manpower that offers expertise and experience working within the industry. This can assist the CPA firm with meeting timelines with work that is high quality without any compromise.

Skilled manpower also means the CPA firm can manage high volumes efficiently. Regardless of tax time demands, the partnership ensures that all deliverables are met reliably and on time. This allows the CPA firm to still manage other operational needs, as opposed to having them fall by the wayside to address until after tax season.

  • Access to wider range of services

Partnering is one of the best ways for CPA firms to add value to their existing clients’ work. The partner’s established infrastructure and resources can be leveraged to add value to accounting or even increase the scope of work while maintaining the quality level and timeliness.

  • Opportunities to increase business through cross-selling

Finally, with a strong partner, the opportunities for business development increases as CPA firms may be able to resell the partner’s services, which are complementary to their own, to their existing clients. Often one of the largest challenges for firm owners or partners can be carving out time for business development activities or planning for service expansion opportunities. Partnering with a company who offers complementary services provides the CPA firm’s clients with access to reliable services under the same roof, without compromising confidentiality, etc.

Analytix Solutions offers customized solutions for companies ranging from accounting and bookkeeping to more complex requirements. For more information on how we can assist with your partnership needs, call us at 781-503-9002 or email us at

Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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