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Quick Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | July 24, 2008

Those business owners who lack formal information in accounting might lack the required flare to maintain proper books and would consider bookkeeping least desired task to undertake. They would rather spend time developing their product line or growing their client base but accounting is the radar which will indicate where your business is heading.

Few accounting tips that can help small business owners:

  1. Accounting is more than just numbers: Accounting is not just numbers on how much money you made or spent. If understood carefully, accounting is an important tool to identify trends in sales and expenditures, it even highlights the problem areas and helps in making right decisions to boost profitability index. Changing the way you view and realizing the importance of accounting will make it more desirable activity to be undertaken regularly.
  2. Regular and Meticulous records: Once you understand the importance of accounting services for business growth, you will be encouraged to maintain regular and meticulous records. No matter how weak or strong your understanding of accounting rules and principles might be, it is very essential to maintain meticulous and timely records. It can act as a life saver incase documented proof is required to solve disputes with regards to finances.
  3. Understand the Basic Concept: Accounting is peppered with jargons and fancy terminology. Don’t get disheartened if you do not understand all of them. Spare some time to get accustomed to the basic concepts. Take professional help if required. But educate yourself to understand the basic concept to avoid costly mistakes.
  4. Keep your personal and business accounts separate: It is a very bad idea to mix your personal account with business. Keep them totally separate. Even if you are the sole owner of the business and it is all your money, still it is a good idea to keep the personal and business transactions and records totally separate. This will help during filing tax returns and planning your budgets and forecasts. These all are including in tax services.
  5. Maintain Consistency: It is important to maintain consistency on the accounting methodology followed. It will give totally wrong picture if accounting methodologies are changed frequently. Taking professional help is advisable at predetermined intervals to review your books and rule out possibilities of inconsistency and maintain accuracy.
  6. Purchase Accounting Software: Try using small business friendly accounting software available in the market to save time and increase accuracy. Some of the popular softwares available are QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Office Accounting Professional etc. Enroll for seminars or research online to learn more on how to use such software to your business advantage.
  7. Hire Professional Help in time: As your business grows, the financial issues become more complex and time consuming. Learn to recognize when you need help and hire professionals to take over such tasks so that you can concentrate on doing what you know best.

A business owner can never afford to turn a complete blind eye even if a trusted professional is hired to take over the accounting tasks. Always ask for regular updates, reports and understand the basics so that nobody can take you for a ride. It is after all your money and business. It is essential to train and develop instincts to spot trouble or frauds heads on before it’s too late.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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