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Remote Working and Staffing for Your Small Business

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | May 24, 2021

The pandemic has demonstrated that there is no such thing as impossible. Services such as food and other retail purchases were already being conducted online. However, innovation in online communication normalized and supported a remote delivery model for many other services including remote consultation for health and medical needs (telemedicine), education (online classes), and many professional services which moved to a remote workforce. According to a report on, the remote work economy is on the upswing with 70% of the American workforce predicted to work remotely for at least five days each month by 2025. These statistics demonstrate that many industries feel that there is no loss in output when work is accomplished remotely.

Remote staffing also builds on this premise, allowing businesses the benefit of access to skilled staff without the need to physically bring them in-house. Following are some considerations for small businesses to evaluate in determining the benefits of remote staffing and how to access their expertise:

Provide reliable staffing resources, cost effectively

Partnering with a professional can allow businesses, including startups, to leverage the expertise of skilled workers without investing in permanent staff.  In addition to the direct financial savings from hiring and training expenses, partnerships enable businesses to allocate these savings towards reinvestment in growth and development.

Remote-Working and Staffing Infographics

Most startups and small businesses operate on tight financial budgets. Furthermore, most do not have more than two weeks’ worth of cash available to help survive a crisis, should it arise. Given this reality, a solution that allows small businesses to keep costs low without negatively impacting any existing business or potential business opportunities is a sound growth strategy.

Elevate the quality of deliverables

Partner resources bring significant expertise and experience to the table. This translates into higher caliber, reliable, and insightful results. Businesses can leverage partner expertise to extend services and offerings before making capital investment in their infrastructure, software, and hardware. Reliable services, accurate results, and adherence to deadlines are characteristics of high quality service providers, which can be furthered with the assistance of a reputable partner.

Ascend the growth curve, faster

For startups and small businesses struggling to regain sustainable levels of operation during COVID-19, a strategic partnership can offer comprehensive assistance with technical support, infrastructure stability, business insights, and industry best practices and trends. Remote staffing options can be utilized to manage current and increased workloads so that business owners have the flexibility to shift their focus to client relationships as opposed to daily tasks associated with the work. This enables better organization and management, and it allows for scalability for long term growth.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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