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Three Business Tax Credits to Consider

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | February 1, 2022

Businesses have many expenses throughout the year. However, an excellent way to save money is by reducing the taxes they pay. Tax deduction is a great opportunity to save money when filing income tax. There are tax credits that small businesses may not have heard of. We believe they could take advantage of these benefits.

There are numerous ways to receive business tax credits, and in this article, we will talk about a few that we have found helpful.

Tax credits help in recovering tax and business expenses. Business tax credits allow taxpayers to save taxable money and reduce taxable income when filing federal taxes. These tax credits are subtracted directly from the taxes paid to the government.

Smaller companies have a significant advantage over tax credits, but not all businesses are granted tax credits. To get a grant for the tax credit, you need to plan and manage your accounts and books appropriately.

Tax Credits

There are business expenses you can write off with tax credits. Each tax credit has a different value. Credits are granted to a business, or an individual based on location, business nature, or industry specifics.

Business Tax Credits Benefits

  • Directly subtract tax from the taxable amount
  • A tax credit reduces tax liability dollar for dollar
  • Get a refund of already paid taxes
  • Save every earned dollar to build wealth
  • Utilize tax credits and tax deductions for small business

Here are some options for business tax credits that can help you cover employees and other costs.

Form 8882 – Credit for Employer-Provided Child Care Facilities and Services

This credit is a grant for helping employees in childcare facilities and services. You can receive a credit of 25% for expenses paid for employee childcare. In addition, you can get further 10% credit for expenses related to childcare facilities and referral services.

For more information, visit – Form 8882 

Form 8941 – Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums

This type of credit is only available to your small business for two consecutive years. The credit of 50% is paid for employee health insurance premiums. To get this credit, you must meet conditions set by the government.

  • Buying coverage from the government’s Small business Health Options Program (SHOP)
  • Paying healthcare premium for 50% of employees
  • Having fewer or equivalent to 25 full-time employees
  • The average payroll is less than a set amount

For more information, visit – Form 8941 and Instructions for Form 8941

Form 6765 – Credit for Increasing Research Activities

If your company is engaged in research programs, you can receive a credit of 20% on research-related expenses. You can use this credit on the employer’s share of Social Security taxes. You can offset income tax up to $250,000. This helps small businesses and startups to create a tax liability.

For more information, visit – Form 6765 and Instructions for Form 6765

Form 8846 – Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips

This form is used to claim a credit for social security and Medicare taxes paid by the employer on employee tips from food and beverage establishments. This credit is a part of general business credit.

For more information, visit – Form 8846

Many options are available for your small business to save money with tax credits. To receive tax credits, plan and create opportunities in your business.

Tax preparation is the first step in creating business wealth. It can save every earned dollar. Proper accounting and bookkeeping aid in filing a proper income tax return as well as help in tax deduction.

Do you need help with tax preparation? Let professionals do your accounting and bookkeeping. Professionals can advise you on tax practices as well. This will give you time to pursue your passion and business.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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