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Three Important Tips to Locate a Good Accountant

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | March 31, 2022

A streamlined accounting and bookkeeping practice is central to sound financial health for the business. Finding the right accountant is imperative for businesses because of the critical role of accounting and bookkeeping in financial management. The right accountant can:

  • Help ensure bookkeeping and accounting is in order.
  • Choose and maintain processes relevant to the business.
  • Track and maintain accounts receivable, cash flow, and debt ratios, all of which are indicators of the business’s financial health.
  • Accountants also need to take on the role of analysts, particularly when creating business budgets and preparing forecasts.

Listed below, in brief, are some of the capabilities that the right business accountant should possess:

  • Ensure diligent bookkeeping.
  • Determine the type of accounting that will be most relevant to the business, and implement it effectively.
  • Carry out accounting reviews, including analysis, and provide insights for business budgets.
  • Maintain a positive cash flow by performing analytical reviews.
  • Ensure secure and accessible backup for relevant data, including that of clients.

How can businesses ensure they hire the right person for the job?

Despite the critical role in business sustainability and growth, accessing the right talent is immensely difficult. Businesses commonly  face several challenges in this respect:

  • Skilled accounting resource is expensive. Wages and benefits can add significantly to business expenses.
  • Hiring skilled resources alone is not enough; they need dependable infrastructure to work with.
  • While hiring resources and setting up infrastructure may sound like a one-time cost, they need regular and robust technical support in security, upgrades, and backup capabilities to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Attrition can affect business bottom lines as it means loss of money invested in manpower resources.

While there are no fail-safe methods, here are some strategies that businesses can employ to find and hire a reliable and trained accounting resource.

Three Important Tips to Locate a Good Accountant

Below are some tips to hire the right accountant for a business:

Conducting Referral Checks

Referrals for good resources can come from business networks, banks, personal networks of friends and family, and clients. When conducting referral checks, things to look for can include educational background, behavior, and attitudinal aspects, such as the approach to problem resolutions or crisis-time reactions.

Check for their professional associations

Your accountant should be professionally competent. Being part of associations or professional organizations can be a plus, depending on the details and levels of involvement. Some professional organizations require specific qualifications, which in turn can reveal the accountant’s competence, as well.

Review their experience

A good accountant should be able to guide businesses on accounting best practices and ensure reporting that allows business decision-making to be informed and based on financial management insights.

Choosing outsourced accounting assistance

Some of the reasons to choose outsourced assistance can be:

  • Reduction of expenses through savings on hiring, training, salary, benefits, etc.
  • Access to high-caliber accounting expertise
  • Access to insightful accounting assistance, including advisory service wherever needed
  • Infallible backup capabilities from an outsourcing partner
  • Compared to a single, in-house accountant, an outsourced partnership affords access to proven accounting services

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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