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Transaction Compliance: The Key Factor for High Performing Accounting Processes

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | July 18, 2013

Transaction compliance is essential to controlling payment errors such as overpayment in procure-to-pay services. For many businesses, regardless of their industry, accurate, timely payouts can be a challenge- which impacts vendor relationships.

How is Transaction compliance central to high performance accounting?

Procure-to-pay processes are often filled with errors such as inconsistent payments, overpayments, or data and information errors. For businesses that regularly make vendor payments, these issues may get resolved with post-payment audits. However, for many small and mid-sized businesses, seemingly small errors can result in large financial losses.

Prevention is the best solution, and one way of managing this is implementation of a compliance tool.

The transaction compliance tool works towards controlling and preventing errors on the front end of financial transactions as opposed to correcting them once damage has been done. Transaction compliance can prevent overpayment errors before they occur.

Small businesses that operate under budget restriction can outsource transaction compliance, which does not need to be an in-house function. Many successful businesses outsource some of their services to reduce costs; but they also turn to outsourcing to optimize existing resources and to leverage professional expertise, making them more efficient.

How can transaction compliance tools help me?

Transaction compliance tools are designed to prevent you from making overpayments. This is accomplished through stringent monitoring of both purchase and payment transactions. Apart from simply monitoring transactions, the tool also provides data that offers useful pointers which outline deficiencies in the procure-to-pay process while also allowing you to identify possible improvements.

Apart from helping your company avoid payment-related errors, the tool also facilitates smoother cash flow and reduces post-audit costs. Furthermore, considering the role it plays in monitoring accounts payable, the tool reduces the potential of fraud and fees otherwise paid to third-parties. Integrating the tool in to your financial practices creates a pattern of reduced errors and timely payments – creating better collaboration with vendors and suppliers.

Towards high-performance accounting

When customized to the needs of your business, a transaction compliance tool can boost your accounting capabilities and allow existing resources to perform better.

  • Monitors accounts payable, thus helping to prevent overpayments.
  • Thorough monitoring allows for review of large volumes of data, helping to identify any payment errors before they occur.
  • Assists in reviewing and analyzing pricing.
  • Fosters collaboration and trust with vendors and suppliers providing timely and accurate payment history.

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Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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