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White Label and Private Label – A Complementary Concept

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | September 16, 2011

Off late, white label products and services have made an enormous impact on the U.S. market, influencing almost everyone, from producers to customers.

There has been a prominent explosion in the number of while label brands. This is specifically true in Europe, where white label goods and services have captured almost half the products and services that is marketed and offered worldwide which may span from consumer products to IT services like accounting and bookkeeping services. This trend is catapulting. What advantages this white label services and products bring in the market and to whom?

Who Are Beneficiaries

White label products and services are those services which are created and produced by one company and the same is branded and marketed by other small and midsized enterprises lacking appropriate infrastructure, manpower, and ample fund and a vision, channel and market to sell the product. Benefits of white label products and services include:

Save Development Cost: These products and services are developed and created by small companies hence the development costs are borne by these companies. This enables the marketing and selling enterprises to save production and development costs on these products and they can cheaply partner with the white label companies to incorporate new products to their services without establishing any in house resources to develop such services and products.

Easy Access to Services:
Easy access to solutions and products, in the form of white label products, and services can enable a brand to reach out bigger market faster with customized solution to the customers in a cost effective manner.

Product Expertise:
Marketing and private labeling company can retain the viability of innovativeness and scalability in the product and solution by partnering with the developing company. The white label company can always add new updated features to the product and service to offer the private label company an edge over other service providers.

Multiple Service Portfolios: Marketing companies can incorporate diversity in their service portfolio by offering multiple products and solutions to the customers of various verticals.

Market Penetration: Small of midsized private label companies can enter into new markets without actually producing and developing the services and products. It will open up new avenues to the private label companies.

Cross Promotion of Multiple Products: The white label products will enable the private label companies to cross promote and sell different other products and solutions into the market easily at least expense leading to brand building.

In this way white label and small and medium size private labeling companies both are complementary to each other and this concept is very much in trend these days in the global market.  Small producing companies can create and develop products and solutions and they don’t need to search for the market. On the other hand the small and midsize enterprises can partner with these white label companies to market and sell their products and solutions under their own brand name at a cost effective manner.

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Written by

Analytix Editorial Team
Analytix Editorial Team

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